Why Monkeyshine?

I recently changed my business name from Hit the Spot to Monkeyshine. Hit the Spot wasn’t hitting my spot any more. In fact, it had become quite an identity crisis which was affecting my business endeavours so much that I felt almost embarrassed to introduce my business and reluctant to approach potential retailers.

When I first chose Hit the Spot some years ago, I was only producing greeting cards (the ones with the sewn-in tabs). At the time, the cards were more of a hobby and I simply wanted a label for them that would suit all sorts of occasions. Hit the Spot was pretty good for that. It can be applied to a very wide range of congratulations and greetings. But it soon started to feel constrained, a little bit twee, a bit staid and most decidedly not me.

This is not a rebrand

I’d like to stress that I don’t see renaming my business as a rebrand at all. In fact, for me it feels quite the opposite. It’s an elucidation and strengthening of my existing brand: a clarification of what I’m about to my current supporters, and a big, cheery hello to potential new customers.

So for quite a while I’ve been brainstorming new names. There were a good few boxes that the new name had to tick:

  • It had to be personal, to me. My new name somehow had to capture something of my history and what makes up Brigitte.
  • It had to make me feel proud, confident and excited when I introduced myself and my goodies.
  • It had to be happy and a little bit cheeky. I wanted a name that sounds fun and funky and that will instantly elicit a smile.
  • It had to feel expansive, welcoming, joyful and celebratory.
  • It had to suit my design style: bright and colourful, a little bit retro and a little bit glam, with a pinch of wit and a dash of wordplay.
  • It had to have broad appeal and application. My new name had to fit equally well with a wide range of products: greeting cards, clothing, homewares, jewellery, textiles … even skate boards. (I have big ambitions for my brand, heh heh.)
  • And finally, it had to somehow be available as a domain name (not so easy these days, I discovered) and an Etsy shop name.

Yikes! As Tony Greig, the cricketer and commentator used to say, “That’s a hard ask!”.

Why not just use Brigitte de Villiers? Because it’s long and is a nightmare to spell! I love my name (even though de Villiers is as common as Smith or Jones in South Africa) and I think it has a beautiful sound, especially when pronounced by ze French. But to me it feels impractical as a business name and for the most part I’m quite a practical gal.

Introducing Monkey

It took a long while – and a lot of patience on the part of My Beloved as I threw name after name at him – to come up with something that met all of those criteria. You may well be wondering how Monkeyshine ticks box number one. Good point. Monkey is the name of my very first soft toy (highly original moniker for a monkey, I know). And I still have him! Not bad considering Monkey and I have lived in, or near, Johannesburg, Stanford, Bristol, Cape Town, Winchester, back to Bristol, London and now Hobart. You can see him here pictured with Tedward, whom My Beloved bought for me in the early days of our continuing romance. Monkey’s head is a little bit squashed because apparently I used to carry him everywhere with me, his head clamped tightly under my armpit.

The word monkey also encapsulates the cheeky, mischievous, playful elements of what I’m about. And as a bonus, it rhymes with funky.

Shine on you crazy monkey

OK. That’s the Monkey bit taken care of. What about “shine”? Well, shine has so many beautiful, positive connotations: glowing, sparkly, radiant, bright with emotion or happiness, loving and affectionate (as in to take a shine to someone or something). A few people have pointed out that it makes them think of moonshine. That doesn’t bother me, particularly as I’m quite partial to strong spirits.

As it happens, Monkeyshine is in the dictionary and means a frivolous or mischievous prank. I didn’t know that until after I’d chosen the name.

To logo or not to logo

I’ll conclude with a note about the logo. Originally, I was only going to use a word mark as an interim solution while I designed a logo for Monkeyshine. Now, however, I feel that both words, monkey + shine, are so loaded with delightful imagery that I don’t feel a need to impose an interpretation of my own on my audience. And I love the look of the word mark as I currently have it. If you’re interested, the font is Hipster Script by Sudtipos, one of my favourite foundries.

Oh, I should mention that I’ve renamed my Etsy shop, my Facebook page and my Twitter handle. So you can find me at MadeByMonkeyShine on Etsy, MadeByMonkeyShine on Facebook and @MonkeyBeams on Twitter.

I’m thrilled to have found a name that resonates so strongly with everything I’d like my brand to be. I’d love to hear your thoughts. What does Monkeyshine conjure up for you?

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    • And I love that you’ve commented on my blog!

      That is funny. I was convinced I had the only monkey in the world who looked like that.

    • Well now, that’s a personal question! One which I choose to delicately side step 😉

      So glad you like the name. I think it’s perfect too.

  • Perfect name Brigitte…I stumbled across your website as I subscribe to the The Market and lived in Hobart for a year. My in laws are there and of course we still visit there every year. I love the name and I love that so much effort went into it….I wouldn’t have thought to leverage of my have or first soft top very clever! Ill jump on to your shop and have a look now!

    • Lovely to hear from you, Jen. I’m so glad you like the name! It makes me happy every time I say it 🙂 Your comment today was very timely and has cheered me up immensely. I had to pull out of the Market today and was feeling very flat about it, as it would have been my first ever market stall. But I will be at the July one: nothing will stop me! I hope you like what you see in my shop. Please let me know when your website goes live, I’m looking forward to seeing it. What’s the story behind your name, “Fox and Wren”?