Espressometer greeting card


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For the caffeine addict in your life. This design reflects the accelerated heart rate on an ECG machine induced by a strong and oh-so-satisfying espresso. It also hints at the inevitable long queue that leads to a talented barista on a workday morning!

Comprises a blank inner sheet, an outer card and a label lovingly sewn together with zig-zag stitch.

This sweet greeting card is available in two, single-origin colourways:

  1. Guatemala: bright and balanced turquoise with rich, chocolatey notes
  2. El Salvador: sweet and full-bodied hot pink with lingering nuttiness

Please bear in mind that colours may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

  • happily tailored in Tasmania
  • free postage within Australia
  • proudly printed in Tasmania using vegetable-based inks
  • measures 118mm wide x 110mm tall (width includes the label)
  • fits snugly into its custom-made envelope which is 120mm square
  • made from acid free, 100% recycled post-consumer waste card stock and certified Process Chlorine Free

About my Tabbed Cards

Monkeyshine greeting cards are designed for keeps and made with love and attention in Hobart, Tasmania. The unique, stitched-in label concept was inspired in a moment of madness, when I was idly looking at the fashion tab sewn into the side of my favourite cardigan.