Fabulous Forty Basket #2

I turned 40 this year. Gasp! Where did the years go?

This means that several of my dearest friends also turn 40 this year. To celebrate this rather rattling milestone, I intend to weave each one of them a special “Fab-40” basket and I’ve just completed the second one. Woo hoo! I daren’t count how many more I have to do. I’ve been twisting strands like a mad thing but at this rate, most of them will end up being Fab-50 gifts instead.

As I’ve previously mentioned in my Extreme Weaving post, the baskets are woven in my spare time, often on mountain-tops during bushwalks in the Tasmanian wilderness or in relaxed moments on holiday. I usually give the baskets as a gift and at some point I thought it’d be fun to create a little “life story” collage of photos of everywhere the basket had been, to accompany the gift. Sadly, although I take heaps of photos, I never quite get round to compiling that collage. Recognising this shortcoming, I intend to post a curated selection of pictures showing the evolution each basket here on Monkeyshine. I’m curious to see how this aspect of my crazy project will evolve! I need to set up a better gallery page, but in the meantime in the blog post will have to suffice.

Back to Fab-40 Celebration Basket #2. This one is for my very dear friend, Michèle, in Cape Town. We met on our first day of boarding school and have been best buddies ever since. So, belated Happy Birthday, Michèle!

Vital Statistics

  • colours selected 6 April 2013 at Mt Bowes in Tasmania’s south-west;
  • started 9 April at Hellfire Bluff on the east coast of Tasmania;
  • completed 23 September 2013 on Kangaroo Island.

Passport Stamps

In the course of its construction, this basket has been to:

  • Mt Bowes, South West National Park, Tasmania
  • Hellfire Bluff, east coast of Tasmania
  • Whalers Lookout and Cockle Bay Lagoon, east coast of Tasmania
  • Lemont, southern midlands of Tasmania
  • Antechamber Bay, Kangaroo Island
  • The Kona, Creek Bay Farm on the Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island
  • Cape St Albans, Kangaroo Island
  • American River, Kangaroo Island
  • Pelican Lagoon, Kangaroo Island

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  • That basket is beautiful! I am not sure if this blog is still active, however if it is I would like to know how you made this basket. I have been searching for tutorials everywhere. I would really appreciate it.

    • Hi Antonia,

      Thank you! To my shame I am rather sporadic on this blog, but I’m working on changing that 🙂 I have sent you an email, so please look out for something from me either in your inbox or your junk folder – hopefully not the latter, but mail clients are fickle creatures!

  • Hi there. I realize this is about 7 years too late (!) and don’t know if you’ll see this… but I just ran across your post as I was looking into how to make zulu telephone wire baskets. I’d love some more info like you sent antonia, if possible. This is stunning. I’m not sure how to zig zag back and forth with the weave, or how to create a bottom/tie off, or even how much wire to start with (can you twist in more wire if you run out?) Any advice would be helpful. I also have not found any sort of tutorial online. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for your enquiry. I’m glad you like my baskets 🙂 I sent you an email with some suggestions a couple of days ago. Please check your spam or junk folder.

  • Good morning, I know this is a very old post but I was wondering if you have created a tutorial on this technique. I would love to learn how to create such beautiful baskets.

    • Hi Leigh,

      Thanks for your enquiry. I’ve sent you an email. Please look out for something from this domain (emails from this address sometimes go to spam/junk).

      No tutorial (yet) but am happy to give you some pointers 🙂