Dachshund lovers gift guide #1: Striking black and white art prints for sausage dog fans

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Until I started making my jazz-themed Dachshund brooches, I didn’t truly appreciate the almost cultish popularity these little characters enjoy, nor how paradoxically photogenic they are. In fact, such masters are they of the poignant puppy face that the Germans even have a special word for it, “Dackelblick” (literally Dachshund glance).

Talking of German, did you know that sausage dogs are also called Wiener Dogs? How did I reach the ripe age of 22 times 2 and not know that fact!

With the rise of print-on-demand sites, there’s an ever-growing abundance of dachshund / sausage dog / wiener / doxie / dackel / insert-whatever-you-call-a-sausage-dog-here art available. But have you recently considered giving the Dachshund lover in your life a beautiful sausage dog print, only to be instantly drowned in pages of samey, uninspiring and frankly tacky results?

Well, to keep you from being entirely submerged in the quicksand of gaudy sausage dog art, I’m coming to your rescue with a series of carefully curated gift guides for sausage dog lovers. I’ve done the deep digging through countless pages of search results to seek out striking, minimalist jewels that do these delightful hounds justice.

I had intended to do only one guide, but having spent so many Sherlock Hound hours sleuthing over the task, I’ve decided to group the delightful nuggets I painstakingly uncovered into categories. If you’re after something a bit more playful, be sure to check back for inspiration on sausage dog stationery, jewellery, kitchenware, games and more. So, if jewellery is more your thing, you might want to take a look at Gift Guide #2, Adorable and Unusual Gift Guide Ideas for Sausage Dog Lovers.

Disclaimer: I must stress that I’ve not personally bought any of these items — they’ve just caught my eye as standout images — so I cannot attest to their quality (print or otherwise) beyond their visual appeal on screen. I cannot be held responsible if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Hello up there! Minimalist black and white art print of a dachshund by BarnaBaby on Society6.
Hello, up there! Art Print by BarnaBaby | Society6

Hello, up there! Art Print by BarnaBaby | Society6

A dachshund with his own Society6 shop. Now that’s sophistication! Barnaby Chesterton is a chocolate and tan mini doxie who also has his own Instagram profile, @barnababy. Worth a visit if you’re after a cuteness overload or need your spirits lifted.

I’ve linked to the art print, but it’s also available on a variety of other media. Minimalists will definitely appreciate the starkness of the throw pillow.

See it on Society6

Wall clock with minimalist black and white image of dachshund in sunglasses by BarnaBaby on Society6
Chill wall clock by BarnaBaby | Society6

Chill Wall Clock by BarnaBaby | Society6

Chill is another wonderfully understated image from BarnaBaby. The clock frame comes in natural, black or white. I like it most with the black, it pairs beautifully with his sunglasses!

See it on Society6

Poster of Hollywood movie star William Powell with a dachshund, from PrimadonnaPrints on Etsy.
Movie star William Powell with Dachshund from PrimadonnaPrints | Etsy

William Powell with Dachshund from PrimadonnaPrints | Etsy

Who can look past a bit of Hollywood glamour? Especially when it stars a dashing… Dachshund.

William Powell was an American actor whom I confess I didn’t know anything about. But in a curious little twist — referring back to Sherlock Hound — I just read on that great oracle Wikipedia that he began his Hollywood career in 1922, playing an evil henchman of Professor Moriarty in a production of Sherlock Holmes. I do love a good bit of synchronicity.

Etsy seller PrimadonnaPortraits specialises in high-quality Hollywood Movie Star Prints, so there’s lots more to feast your eyes on in her shop. This poster of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire makes me want to start tap-dancing around my studio with gleeful abandon.

This reproduction print was painstakingly restored and remastered from the original photo. Note: The seller has been kind enough to supply me with an original scan that has not been remastered, so that I can demonstrate the print without the watermark. The print that you purchase will be a professionally remastered version.

See it on Etsy

Dachshund framed art print by Onlypencil on Society6.
Dachshund by Onlypencil | Society6

Dachshund Framed Art Print by Onlypencil | Society6

I’m in awe of this pencil drawing (really, it’s NOT a photograph!) by the incredibly talented wildlife artist, Onlypencil, aka Lisandro. As an aside, his pencil drawing of a baby gorilla is mind-bendingly realistic. While you can get this artwork on a range of items on Society6, he is also selling the original drawing on his own website.

See it on Society6

Black and white portrait print of Hugo the Dachshund Puppy by SugarDoobs on Etsy
Hugo the Dachshund Puppy Print by SugarDoobes | Etsy

Hugo the Dachshund Puppy Print by SugarDoobes | Etsy

It’s easy to see how Dachshunds are prone to podginess. With such an endearing feed-me-now-or-I’ll-die expression, how could any fur-parent possibly resist!

This premium quality print by pet photographer Sugar Doobes ships worldwide from Australia. I suspect the frame is not included, although there’s nothing mentioned in the listing details.

See it on Etsy

Black and white art print of Dachshund by Jessica McDowell on Society6
Dachshund by Jessica McDowell | Society 6

Dachshund Art Print by Jessica McDowell | Society6

So much expectation in this adorable image! I haven’t been able to find out much about the artist, but she has several Dachshund/Wiener items listed on her Society6 profile.

See it on Society6

Striking black and white art print of a dachshund by Unreal City on Society6
Noble Dachshund Art Print by Unreal City | Society6

Noble Dachshund Art Print by Unreal City | Society6

This Dachshund definitely has attitude. I’d love to see more in this style by Unreal City but this appears to be the only one. The link is to the canvas, but it’s also available as a print on paper.

See it on Society6

Modern black and white Dachshund art print by Everything the Dog and Co on Etsy
Dachshund dapper dog print, by Everything the Dog & Co | Etsy

Dachshund dapper dog print, by Everything the Dog & Co | Etsy

Available in three different sizes, but do be aware that the frame is not included with this print. Everything the Dog & Co is a Queensland-based artist — “the proud parent of two mini dachshunds” — who creates art for dog lovers looking for contemporary design with a bit of an edge.

See it on Etsy

Fine art sepia print of a Dachshund's head, side view, by The Sultans of Swag on Etsy
Sepia portrait of Sausage Dog by The Sultans of Swag | Etsy

Fine art sepia photographic print of ‘Brownie’ by The Sultans of Swag | Etsy

Your Dachshund lover will instantly recognise the alert and eager expression in this wonderful print by London-based photographer, Toula Mavridou-Messer.

Available in 6 different sizes and printed with archival inks on high quality archival media. Do be aware that prints are supplied without frames. The frame in this image is for demonstration purposes only.

See it on Etsy

Wiener Dog on wood boards, black and white art print by The Printed Menagerie on Etsy
Wiener Dog on Wood Boards Print by The Printed Menagerie | Etsy

Dachshund on Wood Boards Print Wiener Dog Faux Barn Boards by The Printed Menagerie | Etsy

This is a great option if you’re looking for a digital download. After purchase, instead of a physical copy, you’ll receive two high resolution 300 dpi jpg files for you to print at home or at a print shop (for other file types please contact the artist before purchase). The above image is a representation of how it would look in a frame.

See it on Etsy

Moody black and white portrait of a dachshund by artist Rachael Rose on RedBubble
If eyes could speak by Rachael Rose | RedBubble

“If Eyes Could Speak” by Rachael Rose | Redbubble

The artist hasn’t written much about this work, other than that it’s a family friend’s miniature dachshund, but there really aren’t many words needed. The moody black background makes an alluring contrast to most of the other portraits in this selection.

See it on RedBubble

A fashionable black and white print featuring a sausage dog wearing glasses and bowtie by Lisa Bengtsson on Desenio
Hugo poster by Lisa Bengtsson | Desenio

Lisa Bengtsson Hugo, poster

This distinctive Sausage Dog poster is one of an iconic series of Dachshunds in different attire called ‘Tillsammans’ (meaning ‘Together’ in English) by Swedish artist Lisa Bengtsson. Sold on desenio.com. They have 5 of the series available, but you can see many more on her personal site, www.studiolisabengtsson.com. Candy in particular is hilarious. I love them all, but I’ve included my two favourites from Desenio here.

See it on Desenio

A fun black and white print featuring a sausage dog wearing a beret by Lisa Bengtsson on Desenio
Pierre poster by Lisa Bengtsson | Desenio

Lisa Bengtsson Pierre, poster

Oh my! Just how much sass and style can one enigmatic Dachshund in a beret exude?

See it on Desenio

Sweet black and white art print of sausage dog standing between a person's legs by Rachael Hale on art.com
Darcy by Rachael Hale | art.com

Darcy Photo by Rachael Hale | Art.com

If you’re not familiar with Rachael Hale, she’s a photographer from New Zealand who — according to her website — is one of the most acclaimed pet photographers in the world. I urge you to browse through her delightful animals portfolio. Heartstoppers. Every. Single. One.

I’ve shown it with the SOHO black frame, but you can get an unframed print or choose from a variety of frames and sizes.

See it on art.com

That brings me to the end of the guide. I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing the selection as much as I did compiling it, and that you’ve found inspiration for that next special gift for the Dachshund lover in your life (which could even be you!).

I thought I’d finish with a bit of Sherlock Holmes fun. Did you know that dog costumes were a thing? I certainly didn’t until I started working on this collection. Clearly I live an even more sheltered existence than I realise because look what I came across… a deluxe Sherlock Holmes Detective Costume for dogs. I daren’t even look to see what they have for cats.

Sherlock Hound – Deluxe Sherlock Holmes Detective Costume for Dogs by Puppe Love

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