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Fabulous Forty Basket #3 – for Jane

The top rim of a telephone-wire basket in a chevron pattern of green, black, blue and white

Continuing the zig-zag theme of the Fab 40 series, this basket is for another very special friend, Jane. We met in our first year of boarding school and she has been one of my dearest friends ever since. Wishing you a (very belated, bwaahaahaaa) 40th birthday, Jane! If you're curious to know more, you can read more about my extreme weaving antics. Vital Statistics colours selected and basket started Billy Goat Falls, Kangaroo Island, 20 September 2013. completed at home in Hobart, 13 March 2014. Passport Stamps In the course of its construction, this basket has been to: All over Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Rocky Tom, in the Meehan Ranges near Hobart, Tasmania. Cathedral Rock, Tasmania. The Gingerbread Hut, Mt Rufus, at the southern end ...

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