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Fabulous Forty Basket #2

Wire basket with chevron pattern in brown, orange, pink and white.

I turned 40 this year. Gasp! Where did the years go? This means that several of my dearest friends also turn 40 this year. To celebrate this rather rattling milestone, I intend to weave each one of them a special "Fab-40" basket and I've just completed the second one. Woo hoo! I daren't count how many more I have to do. I've been twisting strands like a mad thing but at this rate, most of them will end up being Fab-50 gifts instead. As I've previously mentioned in my Extreme Weaving post, the baskets are woven in my spare time, often on mountain-tops during bushwalks in the Tasmanian wilderness or in relaxed moments on holiday. I usually give the baskets as ...

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