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Retro-Inspired Brooches

I hope my brooches will bring joy to you or their intended recipient and be cherished for years and by generations to come.

Whimsical and a little eccentric, my brooches are lovingly laser cut and engraved with patterns that hark back to bygone eras. I watch over each cutting session like a proud mama and find it oddly therapeutic to follow the laser beam as it darts and dances around the cutting surface.

Many of my treasures are animals and I love seeing how each pattern breathes life and character into my creatures. I’ve also created a line of simple, retro shapes for those who like my patterns but might not want them in animal form.

I’m particularly proud of the custom packaging I’ve designed which serves as a pretty little gift box, but can also be re-folded into an easel-style stand; perfect for keeping the brooch on display when you’re not wearing it.

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