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iMade iPhone Wallpapers

Close-up of a pattern of three rotated clamshells to form a floral shape, in deep inky blue with a linen background

A few days ago my iPhone started to misbehave to such an extent that a reset was required. The reset itself was fairly painless, but I only discovered after a resync that I'd lost most of my wallpapers. And they were the ones I liked, drat it. I tend to prefer non-distracting, dark wallpapers - which are fairly few and far between - so I was pretty miffed to discover I'd completely lost my favourite backgrounds. And I wasn't in the mood for embarking on a forensic dissection of iPhone backups! I've since found some of the lost wallpapers through a bit of search-engine detectivery, but it got me thinking, "why don't I design my own?". And so I ...

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